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Providing each implant patient with optimal time to teeth – with confidence and predictability

Dr. Tara AghalooUSA

Dr. William MartinUSA

Dr. Stephen T ChenAustralia

Dr. Kyle StanleyUSA

Dr. Marcus DagnelidSweden

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Welcome to the Osstell ISQ Online Symposium 2021

Providing each implant patient with optimal time to teeth – with confidence and predictability

Using Osstell ISQ diagnostics to guide implant treatment decisions

During this year’s Osstell ISQ Online Symposium, we have gathered an exciting line-up of international speakers moderated by Dr. Marcus Dagnelid. Dr. Tara Aghaloo will discuss the transition from primary to secondary stability, and how important it is with case selection and proper treatment planning in patients with medical risk factors.

Dr. Will Martin will share his extensive clinical experience utilizing the Osstell technique and online OsstellConnect platform in a university setting, as well as discuss various clinical cases where an objective approach to implant stability measurements is key.

Dr. Stephen Chen will share his research in timing of implant placement after extraction to obtain predictability, especially in aesthetically critical areas where it influences the entire outcome.

Finally, we will take a look into the future of the dental industry with Dr. Kyle Stanley, where he will present on the exciting topic of AI – Artificial Intelligence. He is today running a company focusing on this topic and already now there are several examples of how we can save both time and be more precise with advanced technology. Within dental implantology and the Osstell technique, examples will be demonstrated where AI can assist you as a clinician to obtain better clinical results with your patients.

After each lecture there will be a live Q & A and before a final panel discussion, we will also present a live surgery to further display the Osstell technique.

So, make sure to sign up for this year’s Osstell ISQ Online Symposium and be inspired by world renowned speakers giving you more confidence in your clinical practice!